Sunday, 14 February 2010


Just before Christmas, Jethro hosted the inaugural W.W.Eat. It was a night for New Cross lads to jam out in the shit room at 169 with fried chicken (104 pieces) beer (48 cans) and wrestling videos (a Royal Rumble and a Wrestlemania). The night was a roaring success  even though I stumbled home at 10pm, convinced it was at least 3am. Here are some photos that Marcus took of the first night:

The wok was full to the brim with Iceland's version of KFC. The bowl of chips next to it was rad; space restraints led to us microwaving those badboys for half an hour before crisping them up in the grill. Surprisingly good.

Post chicken/Post-beer

Have you ever seen something so manly in New Cross?

Friday night saw ROUND TWO of W.W.Eat. We upgraded; there were new additions to the roster. Marcus brought round some classic old skool WWF action. We got more chicken then ever. More beer too. Shit was rowdy. Photos will follow.

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