Sunday, 21 February 2010


As promised, here's some fantastic looking shots from the second (of hopefully many) W.W.Eat.

Yeah, yeah, yeah Carlsberg is pisswater but the boys down at Speciality Wines, New Cross Gate refused to give their most loyal customers a discount and, well, fuck paying £20 for a crate of Red Stripe.

The Last Supper, a D-X t-shirt, a drawing of Dr. Dre and a traffic cone. Living it up shitroom style. 

Wrestlemania 2000 on the N64 was still surprisingly great even if the characters are made up of comically large blocks. 

No homo, but Jethro looks positively post-coital here.

We got thighs as thick as Lampard's.

Chicken, weights, empty cans. Thugged out. 

Such a sick/legit/rad/sweet night. Even if we got par'd by the guys in the off license. The chicken was better than last time. The chips were a delight. And Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match was as intense as you'd expect.

All photos courtesy of Sean Parker.

Friday, 19 February 2010


I'm currently snowed under with work and my machismo is slowly fading out of me so I got a girl to write about fit birds. Here was her top 5:

Through desperate times and a lack of male writers, I have been granted the opportunity to write a list of my top 5 celebrity babes. I imagine that the testosterone filled readers of this blog are going to disagree with a couple of the choices. Sadly boys bums, boobs and legs weren't contributing factors to who made the list. Rather this list is a definitive selection of the women who I would sell my soul to look like.

5. Cheryl Cole - The commercial machine that is Mrs Cole was a must on a list of babes. After a rather messy one night stand between her husband and a tacky looking hairdresser, Cheryl transformed into one of the biggest and most beautiful stars of 2009. I will admit her constant presence in every celebrity magazine is tiring but she is stunning and her body is amazing. If only infidelity did this to every woman. 

4. Freida Pinto - Talented actress, amazingly beautiful and has only sold out to one advertising contract. I would take a guess that we will be seeing a lot more from Freida in the future.


3. Eva Green - I will admit that part of the appeal of Eva Green is that she has pale skin and dark hair. This means that during extremely drunken or hysterical moments I can look in a mirror and kid myself that I look slightly like her. I don't. However she is undeniably a babe and if you don't believe me then watch Casino Royale, she looks amazing. No wonder Bond was on a bit of a downer when she died.


2. Alexa Chung - If you don't understand this one then I urge you to buy March's Vogue. Any girl that can look that incredible with messy hair and a hideous jumper on is a must. The celebrity my mind always flickers to when I wake up with bed hair and only men's checked shirts left in my wardrobe. If Alexa can pull off that look we all can, no?


1. Kate Moss - She may have had a drug addiction, gone out with Pete Doherty and produced an over priced collection for Topshop but Kate Moss is still as iconic and enviable as when she started modelling at 16. Strangely every mistake she makes seems to make me more jealous of her looks and body. She may be in her thirties but Kate's looks are still coveted and jealousy inducing. My number one celebrity babe.

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Just before Christmas, Jethro hosted the inaugural W.W.Eat. It was a night for New Cross lads to jam out in the shit room at 169 with fried chicken (104 pieces) beer (48 cans) and wrestling videos (a Royal Rumble and a Wrestlemania). The night was a roaring success  even though I stumbled home at 10pm, convinced it was at least 3am. Here are some photos that Marcus took of the first night:

The wok was full to the brim with Iceland's version of KFC. The bowl of chips next to it was rad; space restraints led to us microwaving those badboys for half an hour before crisping them up in the grill. Surprisingly good.

Post chicken/Post-beer

Have you ever seen something so manly in New Cross?

Friday night saw ROUND TWO of W.W.Eat. We upgraded; there were new additions to the roster. Marcus brought round some classic old skool WWF action. We got more chicken then ever. More beer too. Shit was rowdy. Photos will follow.


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